Top 4 Water Toys for Boaters That Upgrade Adventure

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Searching for the perfect holiday gifts that reflect the Sea Chaser lifestyle?

You’re in luck! Check out our top four water toys for boaters that bring together the joy of family time and fun on the water. 

These aren’t just gifts. They’re the keys to creating unforgettable memories. So, get ready to splash into the holiday season and add some more excitement to your Sea Chaser adventures!

Four Water Toys For Boaters


1 | Stand-Up Paddleboards

What’s SUP? Stand-up paddleboards, or SUPs, have risen in popularity over the years. They offer a unique way to explore shallow waters that your boat can’t reach.

Not only does paddling a SUP offer a good low-impact workout, but it’s also easy to store on board. You have options here – either carry the board on your Sea Chaser or invest in an SUP rack that can be fixed to your boat’s railing, keeping the board tucked away safely. If storage space is a concern, consider inflatable SUP models. These can be deflated, folded, and stowed away in a locker on your boat, making them a practical choice.

2 | Towable Tubes

For those seeking a thrilling ride on the water, towable tubes are an excellent choice. These inflatable water toys have been a hit among kids and adults alike. They can be attached to your Sea Chaser boat and pulled along, allowing riders to enjoy high-speed fun on the water. 

From hot dogs and weiner dogs to classic discs, these tubes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from single-rider tubes to multi-rider options, perfect for family adventures.

One of the best things about towable tubes is their simplicity. You just need to inflate them, connect the tow rope to your boat, and you’re ready for some exciting water action. When the day’s fun is over, deflate the tube, fold it up, and store it away conveniently.

3 | Floating Mat

Nothing says relaxation like a floating mat on the water. These mats provide a fun way to lounge, play, or sunbathe while enjoying the cool water underneath.

Floating mats are designed to be durable and buoyant, supporting multiple people at once. They are available in different sizes, so you can choose one that fits your family or group of friends. 

Set up is a breeze. All you have to do is unroll it on the water surface, secure it to your Sea Chaser boat (or to an anchor if you’re not near the boat), and it’s ready for use. When you’re done for the day, roll it back up and store it easily.

4 | Electric Surfboard

Want to glide across the water with the same exhilaration Marty McFly felt on his hoverboard in Back to the Future? That’s the kind of thrill electric surfboards bring to the table.

Lithium-ion batteries power these high-end water toys. And, they’re equipped with a jet-propulsion system and wireless handheld remote control that activates the propulsion system. This gives you the freedom to ride on almost any body of water, waves or no waves, wind or no wind.

The Ultimate Pro Tip: Safety First!

Whenever you end up enjoying these water toys, remember safety comes first! So be sure to pick up life vests to accompany your gift!

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