Sea Tow Exclusive Offer for Sea Chaser Boat Owners

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What’s a perfect day for you? To us, it’s being out on the water, waves dancing, and your Sea Chaser cutting through as you chart your course toward adventure – family, fishing, and fun. But even on an ideal day like that, Mother Nature might throw a curveball, testing the mettle of even the sturdiest boats. 

Are you ready for those unexpected moments where you might need a helping hand?

That’s where a Sea Tow membership comes into play. Let’s explore what this service is, Sea Chaser’s new exclusive offer for boat owners like you, and some benefits of being a Sea Tow member!

About Sea Tow

What exactly is Sea Tow? It’s an “international marine assistance provider” that has become a trusted partner to boaters worldwide.

Sea Tow’s true value lies in the peace of mind it offers. With professional emergency assistance available 24/7, you’re truly never alone on your adventures. Experienced captains and response vessels ensure help is just a radio call away.

Sea Chaser’s Exclusive Sea Tow Offer

When you purchase a Sea Chaser at an authorized dealer, you’ll have the chance to lock in 90 days of Sea Tow coverage for FREE. 

How do you cash in? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1: Pick out your new boat at an authorized Sea Chaser dealer.

2: Contact your dealer within a reasonable timeframe, after purchasing or after receiving your new Sea Chaser, to let them know that you’re interested in acquiring Sea Tow coverage with this 90-day offer.

3: Your authorized Sea Chaser dealer will help you submit your request for Sea Tow coverage.

4: Sea Tow will contact you directly with additional questions or a confirmation of your 90 days of hassle-free, worry-free Sea Tow coverage.

5: Enjoy 90 days of peace of mind now that you have short-term FREE Sea Tow coverage, without any additional cost or obligations. 

After the 90 days are up, it’s up to you whether to sign up for a Sea Tow membership or not. There’s no automatic renewal and no cost at the time of signing up.

5 Things To Know About Sea Tow

Now, let’s dig into some specifics. Besides every hour of the day nationwide assistance and unlimited offshore coverage, Sea Tow members can count on an array of services to handle the various maritime emergencies that may arise.

1 | Towing

Sea Tow ensures safe transportation to shore or repair facilities and dock-to-dock assistance if your boat is disabled or stranded.

2 | Jump Starts and Fuel Delivery

Whether it’s a dead battery or an empty fuel tank, Sea Tow can assist with jump-starting your engine and gassing your boat up.

3 | Navigational Assistance

Sea Tow’s experienced captains provide expert guidance for unfamiliar waters or navigational difficulties.

4 | Emergency Response

Sea Tow’s quick response to boating emergencies can be life-saving. There is no distance too far for their response teams to attend to.

5 | Other Assistance

Besides towing and fuel delivery, Sea Tow will extricate lines caught up in props, deliver any parts you may need, and help with covered ungrounding.

A Sea Tow membership protects you from the hefty boat towing charges, which according to their website, can average $300 per hour and even higher during nighttime or bad weather. Without it, you could end up paying $850 for short tows or thousands for longer ones.

Sea Tow also provides additional support capabilities like boat salvage and recovery, marine spill and catastrophe response – rates for these depend on the severity of circumstances. 

So what do you say – are you ready to embrace the waves and chase horizons with peace of mind just a call away? We thought so. Sea Chaser vessels are versatile big water boats that’ll take you to where the prize fighters and game fish are. Year after model year, we deliver boating enthusiasts maximum performance, confidence, and comfort with class. We offer the perfect boat at the perfect price. If you are seeking a new standard in performance, find a Sea Chaser dealer near you today and cash in on our exclusive Sea Tow offer.



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