Top 4 Things To Know About Winter Fishing in the Florida Keys

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Winter Fishing

Are you looking to catch the best the Keys offer this winter but worried about hitting an off-season?

Well, off-season shmoff-season. Fishing in the Keys is prime all year round, especially during the winter months.

The Florida Keys are considered an anglers Eden. They offer a wide variety of fish species to catch, and the region also provides breathtaking landscapes to take in as you cast off. 

Keys (Islands) To Consider

Did you know that the term Key was translated from the Spanish phrase Cayo, which stands for a small island? Hence the name the Florida Keys. The Keys are made up of hundreds of islands in the southernmost region of Florida, but the major ones, like Islamorada, Key Largo, Key West, Marathon, and Big Pine Key, are the most renowned for fishing. Islamorada is the most popular, Key West is all about the near-shore experience, and Marathon is most suitable for trawling.

Winter In The Keys

Early November through December in the Keys is the most remarkable time for avid anglers to hit the water because it makes for the most relaxed excursions. Without the hustle and bustle of out-of-towners, you can bask in peace aboard your Sea Chaser and reel in a bounty of fish. While the later Winter months and the beginning of Spring, when the tourists pour in, like January through May, also make for prime fishing time with loads of fish in season at their best to catch.

Times To Cast Off

Early morning or late afternoon is commonly considered the best time to set off on your fishing excursion. Either way, you’ll have a chance to catch a spectacular sunrise or a fantastic sunset, plus some tremendous species of fish.

Fish To Reel In

Cobia: Cobia, a large and long fish with a brown top and white lower half, can be found in the Keys, ready for you to lure with natural bait. It’s in season from November through April, but it is best to capture January through March. 

Kingfish & Sailfish: Kingfish and sailfish are large fish species found in the Keys. Kingfish are long and bluish in color, while sailfish are also long in measurement but have a lengthy spear that extends from their snout area. Kingfish are in season from September through April, while sailfish are available year-round. The best time to catch both is from December through March. 

Tuna & Wahoo: Tuna, a slightly rounded fish dark in color at its top with a silvery bottom half, and wahoo,  an elongated fish with a steely blue shade at its top and contrasting pale blue color at its lower half, can both be found year-round in the Keys but are best caught at different times. The best time to catch tuna is December through February, with wahoo more sporadic, in October, December, and April through May.

Grouper: The grouper species is most sought-after among anglers in the Keys, with several kinds, including the Black grouper, gag, and red grouper. They’re best caught from November through March.

Redfish: The best time to try to reel in this popular fish in the Keys is November through February.

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