Spring Dolphin Run in Full Swing

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Thanks to unseasonable winter weather and warm temperatures, dolphin fishing in the Southeastern United States is in full swing — and Carolina Skiff wants to help you get in on the action with the Sea Chaser HFC 27.

Spring Dolphin Run in Full Swing Thanks to unseasonable winter weather and warm temperatures, dolphin fishing in the Southeastern

Each year — generally in April and May — the colorful dolphin, also known as mahi-mahi, start their northward trek by following the Gulf Stream from its origins in the heart of the Caribbean, as far north as Massachusetts.

Throughout their range, dolphins are essential food and game fish. However, their importance to the pelagic ecosystem is even more important. Dolphin are a primary driver of the food chain, serving as primary prey for billfish, tuna, wahoo, mako sharks and other popular species. During the spring run, fish are busy spawning en masse, making sure the circle of life in bluewater continues. And coastal anglers are some of the biggest benefactors of this moveable feast. Chances are if you are eating fish and chips throughout the Gulf and South Atlantic coasts, it will be made with fresh, locally-caught dolphin.

There’s no better time to chase these colorful acrobats than right now, and no better boat than the Sea Chaser 27 HFC.

Hardcore dolphin anglers are sure to appreciate a number of design features that combine to make this an ideal pelagic fishing machine.

Because dolphin can swim more than 30 miles in one day while looking to feed their incredible metabolism — a 40-pounder could be less than a year old — running, and gunning is a popular technique for locating them.

The basic idea is to keep moving and looking for signs of dolphin activity: birds, showering flying fish or ballyhoo. A big key is flotsam which provides refuge for blue runners, tripletail, rainbow runners, shrimp, crabs, and other dolphin-diet favorites.

Spring Dolphin Run in Full Swing Thanks to unseasonable winter weather and warm temperatures, dolphin fishing in the Southeastern

This style of targeted, high-energy fishing requires anglers to keep moving at high speeds in all manner of sea conditions. That’s why the Sea Chaser HFC 27 is a perfect choice to get into the bluewater game for first-timers and old salts alike.

Rated for twin engines up to 500-hp, the Sea Chaser HFC 27 offers a dry, smooth ride thanks to its deep-V hull and bow flare. Once your fishing, its 114-inch beam provides a stable fishing platform in even the roughest seas. No fish is going to be able to outrun you.

Another favorite for anglers on the HFC 27 is its powder-coated aluminum and fiberglass t-top. In addition to giving much-needed relief from the sun on those hot dolphin days, anglers have a choice between Taco’s 170 Sport Slam or 270 Grand Slam outriggers. Both models can be stored conveniently out of the way when running and gunning or chasing frigate birds in search of big dolphin. Once you are on the fish, the outriggers can be quickly deployed to give anglers the ultimate in spreads with artificials or live baits.

Experienced dolphin fishermen know you never know when a big dolphin is going to show, so it’s always a good idea to have a 20-pound spinning outfit ready to go with a frisky blue runner, sardines or ballyhoo for a fast cast. Thanks to the Sea Chaser HFC 27’s circular 30-gallon transom-mounted live-well, anglers can rest assured that their bait of choice makes it to the fishing grounds happy, healthy and ready to get eaten.

As a professional fishing guide, I’ve always looked at my boats as floating tackle boxes and the Sea Chaser 27 HFC is no different thanks in part to large tackle storage centers fore and aft on the starboard side. These compartments provide plenty of convenient storage for a wide selection of hooks, leader materials, lures, and other must-haves.

Spring Dolphin Run in Full Swing Thanks to unseasonable winter weather and warm temperatures, dolphin fishing in the Southeastern

Because dolphin are a favorite on the table, keeping them iced down and in good shape is a priority for anglers. The Sea Chaser 27 HFC features voluminous, macerated 208-qt., insulated fish box in the bow — ready for even the biggest haul of schoolies or slammers.

And when it’s time to clean things up and head for port, the Sea Chaser 27 HFC features both fresh- and saltwater washdown systems.

Just like each member of the Carolina Skiff, Sea Chaser and Fun Chaser families, the Sea Chaser 27 HFC features all-composite, no-wood, no-rot construction backed by a 5-year limited warranty against hull defects.

With regards to customization, the sky’s the limit for boat owners, who can use Carolina Skiff’s unique Build-A-Boat application  to select what options they’d like on their new boat and choose from custom colors including French vanilla, black, grey, red, Cabernet, yellow, royal blue, evening sky and seafoam green in full hull, full side or small stripe accents for a truly unique, custom look. There is even the ability to add a factory custom-fitted trailer for your boat, eliminating any guesswork later on how to set up the bunks to fit your boat correctly.

Whether you are looking for a day of hardcore fishing or relaxing family time on the water, the versatility of the Sea Chaser HFC 27 by Carolina Skiff will meet and exceed all of your requirements. To take advantage of dolphin season, learn more about the Sea Chaser line or Carolina Skiff’s other family of boats and to locate a dealer near you, visit www.carolinaskiff.com.



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