Flat Out for Flounder

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Northern flounder, Gulf flounder, Southern flounder, Fluke or Halibut.

A “flatfish” by any other name is a flatfish, and they are high on the list of anglers from the Gulf of Alaska to Cape Cod.

But there is one great choice when it comes to all-around boats for targeting flatties, fluke, flounder or whatever you want to call them, regardless of your style of fishing, the Sea Skiff Series from Sea Chaser Boats built by Carolina Skiff.

Flat Out for Flounder Northern flounder, Gulf flounder, Southern flounder, Fluke or Halibut. A “flatfish” by any other name is a flatfish,

Available in a 19 and 21foot versions, the Sea Skiff series is perfect for making long runs across hostile bays, drifting through chilly tidal areas or windswept grass flats in search of flatties wherever they are found thanks to the Sea Skiff’s deep-v design and generous gunnel height bow flare. Combined, the hull design provides anglers one of the smoothest, driest rides in this size class.

The 19 Sea Skiff is rated for outboards ranging from 90 to115-horsepower. It’s bigger brother, the Sea Skiff 21, offers more power and speed with a maximum rating of 150-hp.

And once its time to get down to the fishing, the Sea Skiff Series truly excels. One of the most popular methods of targeting flounder in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern coastal states is “dead sticking,” and the Sea Skiff boats are a home run model for this method of fishing.

Anglers set up for long drifts along vast stretches of a flat, sandy bottom which is the perfect hideout for these one-sided, stealthy predators. Once you’ve determined what sort of drift you want to make, you’ll deploy a jig tipped with flounder belly, a sea robin strip or similar chunky offering. Flounder of all sizes find meaty strips irresistible, especially when fished on a bucktail jig just heavy enough to keep the bait in the bite zone.

The key to dead sticking flounder is ample rod holders. One angler can fish up to six rods, depending on local laws and regulations,  letting the subtle movement of the boat and the stationary rod holder do the work. Once you get a bite and the rod bends, just start winding.

Both members of the Sea Skiff series offer anglers a comfortable, stable drift in such situations with space for plenty of gunwales mounted holders and a steady 96-inch wide beam.

Further down the coast, anglers prefer frisky live baits like mullet or mummichogs, arguably two of the most favored baits for flounder. And this is another area where the Sea Skiff boats excel for anglers.  Both feature roomy live-wells mounted in the transom with the option of high-speed pickups and recirculating systems to make moving from spot to spot and keeping your bait healthy for better bites.

A spacious elevated casting platform combined with an optional remote-controlled trolling motor makes it a dream to target points and drop-offs with live baits on sliding egg sinker rigs. Anglers can keep moving with ease while expanding their range yielding more bites.

Flat Out for Flounder Northern flounder, Gulf flounder, Southern flounder, Fluke or Halibut. A “flatfish” by any other name is a flatfish,

Overall, the layout is extremely friendly for anglers, thanks to the open deck area, plenty of below deck storage and a recessed anchor locker.

But the Sea Chaser 19 and 21 Sea Skiff family isn’t just for fishing. They are equally at home on the lake for a picnic or a fun day at the sandbar with the family.  And additional family-friendly options like a T-top, raw-water washdown or AM/FM stereo with USB and iPod plugs make it perfect for just about any outing.

Customization doesn’t end there with a wide range of colors in both full-hull, half-hull and stripe accents including white, black, grey, red, Cabernet, yellow, royal blue, Caribbean blue and seafoam green.

Boaters looking to experience the Sea Chaser Sea Skiff Series can do so by finding a dealer near them at www.carolinaskiff.com. They can also use Carolina’s Skiff’s industry-leading Build-a-Boat to spec out their dream boat with options you can select as well as receive specific information about the dealer closet to you and in fact, receive a direct quote for the boat you desire.

But don’t wait too long. The flatfish run is about to begin, and it’s time to get aboard your very own Sea Skiff for a great fishing adventure.



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