Customer Profile: Jacqulyn Dixon and Rudy Welch

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Jacqulyn Dixon and Rudy Welch are both students at Georgia Tech. The couple not only loves spending time together, they especially love spending time together out on the water.  And they do plenty of that on their Sea Chaser 30 DC. Whether they’re fishing, cruising the bay or relaxing with family and friends, this duo spends as much time on the water as possible.

How did you become interested in boating? 

Jacqulyn: I grew up in Sarasota, Florida. Rudy grew up in Georgia around lakes.  We both love all kinds of water sports, fishing, and relaxing pulled up on sandbars.


Tell us about the process of purchasing your boat and making it your own:  

Jacqulyn: The boat really belongs to my dad, Dave Dixon. He purchased it in 2020. It’s a SeaChaser 30 DC. We take the Sea Chaser and go 50 or 60 miles off shore. We’re fishing all day and just hanging out together. My parents really wanted a boat that could go out pretty far. Mom wanted a boat she could cruise on. We wanted to be able to fish. Rudy and I and my dad looked at boats and figured out pretty quick which boats wouldn’t work. Some didn’t have enough storage or weren’t the right size. This boat is the perfect compromise for my mom and all of us. We really love the dual console, as that offers a good setup for both fishing and cruising.  The back end is roomy, too. One selling feature for us was the side door on this boat. It’s great for pulling in big fish, especially when you’re going to release them. It makes it easier to pull them in without injuring them.  

We’re out on the water at least twice a week. We try to take it out as much as possible, either for fishing or cruising in the bay. 



Tell us about your ideal day out on the water: Rudy: You know, when we first got the boat, we were just dabbling. Now, we’re a lot more serious about it. We both really love fishing. Really, we just love to get out on the water at every opportunity.

Jacqulyn: We were able to catch a lot of really good fish this summer. He’s right, we love fishing. In fact, Rudy is a guide over the summer and takes people out to find the best fishing spots.

Any extraordinary memories about time spent on your boat that you’d like to share?
Jacqulyn: When COVID shut down all of our classes at school and everything went online, we went home. Then we were out on the boat all the time. It was amazing! My family had moved back to Florida right about that time. We were dying to be out on the boat, and COVID gave us a great opportunity to spend a ton of time on the water.

Rudy: One time, we went out with my brother. We noted a regular afternoon storm pattern coming through. We knew there were going to be storm, but we went out about 30 miles. We were catching tons of red grouper and all other sorts of fish. The sky around us was purple. We motored about a mile back in and never even got wet. We were out for about five hours.  The sky was crazy and the fishing was incredible. I’ll never forget it.


Are you in the market for a new boat, or will you stick with your current Sea Chaser? 

Rudy: This boat is really great for everything we want to do.  Line setup is simple and the motor is easy.  But it’s always neat to see what’s out there.

Jacqulyn: I think Dad might be looking to sell the boat, because in today’s market he could get back what he paid for it. Of course, we’re always looking at the newest boats. There are always larger boats with more features. We’ve considered the Sea Chaser center console boats as well as a smaller fishing boat. But I will say, this Sea Chaser boat is incomparable to any other boat we’ve had. It’s just so perfect

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