5 Ways to Reduce Your Boating Carbon Footprint

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If you're a recreational boater or master angler, reducing your boating carbon footprint can help protect the waters you love to travel.

Summer is on the horizon, meaning more time to chase adventure on the water!

Whether you’re a recreational boater or master angler, reducing your boating carbon footprint can help protect the waters you love to travel from pollution. And who doesn’t want cleaner waters to explore? Utilizing some simple tips could make all the difference for the environment. 

What is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint affects the environment through greenhouse gas emissions generated by an individual, corporation, event, or more. Measured in units of carbon dioxide (CO2), it can include all direct emissions from burning fossil fuels and other activities such as travel, production, and manufacturing. Understanding your carbon footprint can help you make lifestyle changes to reduce environmental impact.

Here are five ways to reduce your boating carbon footprint this summer.

1 | Be efficient with how you use your fuel

Fuel efficiency is key to a smoothly running boat, so remember that just like how your car needs regular check-ups and maintenance, your boat motor does too! Additionally, consider switching to biodiesel for a truly environmentally friendly approach. Not only is it sustainable and non-toxic, but it also burns purer than other fuel types making fewer emissions.

2 | Check the weather

Before departing, make sure to cast an eye on the weather report. Remember, a calm sea is ideal for energy- and emission-friendly cruising. So dodge those blustery days or tumultuous tides that’ll whip up a waste of power! Take it easy and enjoy lazy afternoons floating and fishing in peace instead.

3 | Inspect for leaks

Make sure your boat is spill-proof! Check fuel tanks and lines for damage or cracks that could cause a water pollution disaster. Pick up absorbent kits so you can quickly capture drips as they happen. Also, remember that while refueling, fill up slowly to avoid overflowing.

4 | Purchase eco-friendly products on your boat

Equip your boat with eco-friendly products! Shop wisely and purchase non-toxic cleaning supplies, paint, and even boating clothing for yourself. Also, read up on and follow the EPA’s guidelines to ensure your ship is in perfect condition. Dispose of oil, fluids, and other maintenance materials properly. 

5 | Use sustainable energy

Use sustainable energy sources like solar panels or water generators to maintain reliable power for your boat, whether at the port or while traveling to the water. Not only will this help you save money with reduced energy costs, but it’ll also reduce your boating carbon footprint.

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