2023 DC Bluewater Series

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Crave a lifestyle beyond the coastline? Sea Chaser will take you there.

Designed to satisfy your wanderlust on the water, Sea Chaser offers the new 2023 DC Bluewater Series Walkthrough Windshield for all boating enthusiasts alike. The DC design is said to be one of the fastest-growing designs, perfect for fishability, beach cruising and touring. 

Let’s break down the benefits of the multi-purpose 27 DC and 30 DC models that each boasts matchless capabilities, versatility, and durability. We may just have you charting your course toward a Sea Chaser dealer near you.

27 DC Bluewater Series Walkthrough Windshield

Looking for a luxurious boat that offers wide open decks and all the comforts of home? The 2023 model year 27 DC Bluewater Series Walkthrough Windshield is calling your name! 

This vessel is perfect for families or serious anglers, with a versatile design that meets all your needs on the water. The innovative dual console design is complemented by a wrap-around walkthrough windshield, making it easy to move around the deck. 

Plus, there’s plenty of comfortable seating, including a plush captain’s chair and spacious bow and rear seating with diamond-pleated upholstery. 

The large galley includes a built-in grill and refrigerator, strategically placed speakers, and bright LED deck lighting, making hosting gatherings on the water a breeze. And when you fold closed the windshield and close off the bow, you have much more protection from the elements than a center console provides. 

Looking forward to an offshore adventure? The powerful hull is perfect for that, and there’s ample storage space for all your family, fishing, and fun gear.

30 DC Bluewater Series Walkthrough Windshield

Searching for a boat to accommodate a larger number of passengers and cargo? Then get “find a dealer near me” queued up on your search engine because the 30 DC Bluewater Series Walkthrough Windshield is perfect for you.

If you are looking between the 27 DC and the 30 DC, consider performance and power. The 30 DC Bluewater Series generally has a higher horsepower rating and can accommodate larger and more powerful outboard engines compared to the 27 DC. This allows the 30 DC to achieve higher speeds and handle rougher waters more effectively. 

You will also find that while both models offer similar design principles and features, the 30 DC Bluewater Series often includes additional amenities and upgrades compared to the 27 DC.

This vessel’s innovative design includes a fully functional galley with a propane grill, refrigerator, trash bin, and storage, perfect for family fun and fishing from sun up to sun down. 

If those features didn’t catch your eye – the large portside console flushable electric head and a comfortable electric lounger that doubles as a back-to-back seat just might. 

At the helm, the 30 DC comes with premium electronics, including a 12″ Simrad NSS EVO 3 with a sonar transducer so you can read the depths of the water. And an AM/FM Bluetooth radio with 10 speakers and plugs for USB/AUX cables, so you can play your favorite boating playlist offshore.

Into getting out on the water all year round? The wrap-around walkthrough windshield makes the 30 DC exceptional for all seasons, including colder weather months. 

This vessel is an ideal boat for fishing with its flush-mounted rod holders and for swimming, with an easy access port-side entry door and a telescopic boarding ladder at the stern. 


About Sea Chaser

Sea Chaser invites you to chase horizons and seek a new standard in performance and exploration. Our boats embody the spirit of living life to the fullest. With a legacy built on delivering exceptional quality, performance, and value, Sea Chaser is the perfect companion for those who crave adventure. With our expertise in boat-building spanning over 30 years, we have honed the art of crafting vessels that surpass industry standards. 

Experience the thrill of living beyond the boundaries with Sea Chaser, where every journey is an opportunity to create lasting memories. Find a dealer near you, to locate your very own 27 DC or 30 DC Bluewater Series Walkthrough Windshield today!



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